This is My Resolution

Hey all,

Well,  after the events that unfolded on Sunday night on Facebook, the general consensus is that I have resigned as Vocalist, Lyricist & Frontman of Toxic Federation.  Here’s my original status –

“Due to personal & musical differences, I have resigned as Vocalist, Lyricist & Frontman of Toxic Federation. I genuinely wish them all the best for the future, and all the luck in the world for the release of the new album “Distance” on October 17th… the album lyrics will say it all. It’s a real kickass album and i’m really proud to have been a part of it. The new video goes up on Youtube tomorrow, so i hope you all enjoy it. Otherwise, It’s been a blast… 🙂

Mitchel Emms – 02/10/2011 x”

So! It’s time for me to clear up a few things…

1. I have not joined another band, nor have “irons in the fire” as many have speculated!

2. The timing of my leave was not specific, it was one of a quick, spontaneous decision based on a build up of many different events & opinions. Also, i was given the choice to leave. Besides, i have left them with vocals & lyrics to a kickass album which i’m sure you’ll all really enjoy, and an opportunity to change & make a new step in their careers.

3. I will not be returning to Toxic Federation as they have already advertised for a new vocalist & have had possible frontmen in the background for some time. Personally, I am looking to take a new step in my life and progress on with my career doing something different 🙂

4. This is the last time i will publicly talk about my reasons for leaving. If you want to know more, wait till october 17th when Distance comes out, grab/download a copy, listen to the lyrics, and they should say it all.

5. Most Importantly… I’m looking for musicians to put something new together or bands interested! So if you are interested, all you have to do is say hi or send me an email on facebooook or at

It’s been absolutely amazing to see the amount of people who have supported my decision and have given me great support 🙂 You guys are all amazing, and it’s great to know that you want me to keep you up to date with everything i will be up to!

SO! I’ve created a new Facebook Artist Page. This is where you can find everything that i’m up to on the music side of things from now on (and still also on my personal fagbook page 😛) I will be uploading some demo material very soon for you to listen to and give me your opinion on…. your opinions are what matters most! … aside from the other thing, which is….

LIKE MY PAGE! 😀 It’s very difficult to establish yourself all over again after 3 years of not being solo, So i’d really appreciate the support if you could get the page as many likes as possible! 🙂 –!/pages/Mitchel-Emms/103557203087863?sk=app_2405167945 (unsure what the main link title is yet! definately a blonde moment)

As i keep promising, and promising, and promising, time & time again, I WILL write an entertaining blog soon… 🙂

Otherwise, Thanks everyone for the support. It’s been a difficult time for both parties, especially losing a great musical compadre, Jake Graham, who i will make a continuous effort to be a friend with. He’s an amazing guy, and we’ve wrote so much great material together (albums As One & Distance), and i really do wish him the best with the everything he ever does with his life.

And although its not the happiest of occassions, here’s an entertaining video expressing my new musical direction. Here’s to the future! 😉

Mitch – 4/10/2011 xxx

By Mitchel Emms

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